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Canon Black Refill Kit PG245, 243

Canon PG210, PG245 Refill Kit 20ml x 2 Bottles Black Ink

Canon PG240, PG40 Refill Kit

Refill Kit Canon PG240, PGH240XL Black,PG40 Black

DIY Refill Kit for Canon PG240 Black

$24.95 $14.95
DIY Refill Kit for Canon PG240, PG240XL, PG40 Black. Comes with thumb drill and 4 black ink tanks( up to 8 refills). Instruction included in each kit Watch video instruction below!

Ink Injector Syringes Set of 4

$14.00 $8.00
Ink refill injectors- 10 ml each, set of 4 syringes.
Non- medical grade for refilling in cartridges with extra 8cm needles

RC-CR229 :: Canon Color Refill Kit

Cartridge Refill Kit for CL244/CL246/CL211-Tri Color 20ml x 3 Bottles C/M/Y

Refill Syringes 30 ML Set of 4

Refill Syringes set of 4 - 30 ml each with needles ( non medical grade).