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Canon Black Refill Kit PG245, 243

Canon PG210, PG245 Refill Kit 20ml x 2 Bottles Black Ink

Canon PG240, PG40 Refill Kit

Refill Kit Canon PG240, PGH240XL Black,PG40 Black

DIY Refill Kit for Canon PG240 Black

DIY Refill Kit for Canon PG240, PG240XL, PG40 Black. Comes with thumb drill and 4 black ink tanks( up to 8 refills). Instruction included in each kit Watch video instruction below!

Epson C88 Refillable Cartridges -400ml Sublimation Ink

Refillable cartridges T601,T602,T603,T604 with  400ml sublimation ink
  • Black sublimation ink 100ml
  • Cyan sublimation ink 100ml
  • Magenta sublimation ink 100m
  • Yellow sublimation ink 100ml
  •  For Epson C88, C88+ printers

HP Black Refill Kit

HP Black Cartridge Refill Kit Refill tools and instruction included.
Up t0 10 refills for standard and 5 refills for XL capacity
For HP 61, HP62, HP63, HP64, HP65 Cartridges

HP Color Refill Kit

HP Tri-Color Refill Kits 3 Bottles of 20ml - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow 6-10 Refills Instruction included.
  • Compatible Printer Models: -
    Suitable for following HP Tri-Color Cartridges
    HP 65, 65XL Color cartridges.

Ink Injector Syringes Set of 4

Ink refill injectors- 10 ml each, set of 4 syringes.
Non- medical grade for refilling in cartridges with extra 8cm needles

Ink Injectors For HP Cartridges

Special notched tips with syringes for HP932/933/950/951/952 cartridges with 4 - 10ml syringes. Must have for DIY HP Officejet refill cartridges.

RC-CR229 :: Canon Color Refill Kit

Cartridge Refill Kit for CL244/CL246/CL211-Tri Color 20ml x 3 Bottles C/M/Y

Refill kit HP 906/902 HP Cartridges

Refill kits for HP 902, HP906 XL regular or XL capacity - comes with black, cyan, magenta, yellow ink tanks, and refill tools up to 6 to 20 refills. Addition 100-ml bottles bulk ink available - come with QR code instruction - Free shipping!
Watch instruction on youtube
Note: May require 2 sets of cartridges alternately(leapfrogging) to bypass the HP protection scheme.  

Refill Syringes 30 ML Set of 4

Refill Syringes set of 4 - 30 ml each with needles ( non medical grade).