Again the new HP printers Office Jet 8015 and 9015 series – Disable firmware update function as soon as possible. The auto firmware update will prevent users from using third-party compatible cartridges.


Below is the link to roll back HP firmware for HP902 cartridges in order to use inexpensive aftermarket products.  The downgrade will revert your firmware to version 1847A. Including instructions to disable future firmware updates.

Warning all-new Epson printer owners

In order to use 3rd party inexpensive aftermarket ink cartridges – DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE –

New Epson printers will ask you to update firmware as soon as printers are turned on.

This action will install new firmware to your printer and you will not be able to use current aftermarket ink cartridges.


HP printers using 952,902,906 cartridges must change factory default automatic updates to DO NOT CHECK.

HP is using automatic firmware update feature to defeat inexpensive aftermarket ink cartridges forcing users to purchase original HP cartridges.

Go to set up on your printer screen under hidden menu PRINTER MAINTENANCE – UNCHECK AUTOMATIC UPDATE TO DO NOT CHECK.

Attention new Brother laser printers now install chips to gain back market share! Shoppers must be aware that some toners from online stores may not be recognized by new Brother printers.  As far as we know there has been two updates since October 2018.  Our current TN-730/TN-760/TN-770 so far are up to date.

Check the price of ink cartridges first before purchasing.

Make sure that cheaper third-party ink cartridges are available!

The new line of HP laser printers with separate image drums.

Now you have two consumable items to replace! Toner and image drums.

Users of Office Jet Pro HP 8700 Series Warning:

When purchasing after-market HP 952 ink cartridges online.

Please make sure that ink cartridges will work with the latest HP updated firmware.

New Office Jet 8710 printer will not be compatible with older 952 compatible ink cartridges.

Our version of HP 952 compatible cartridges on this site has proven and tested to work with OJ HP 8710 as of January 2018

Warning Do Not Sign Up With HP Instant Ink Program!

Do Not Let HP Control Your Printer!

Read up the review on the internet, It is not what you think!

Read the fine print. Instant Ink cartridges can only be used on the printer you sign up for.

HP did it again!

New HP printers using mini cartridges HP61/62/63. Cartridge protection is set to default at factory so that it can not be refilled easily/used by another printer or tested by refill shop.

Below is the procedure to remove cartridge protection:

Disable HP cartridge protection:

When using remanufacture 61/62/63 cartridges, you should disable CARTRIDGE PROTECTION

1 Click Devices and Printers(WIN 7) or find Control Panel(Win 10)

2 Find your printer on the list

3 Click on HP printer assistant

4 Click on Estimated Ink Level – showing HP Tool Box with your printer information.

  1. Click Tap on Cartridge Protection

6 Click the radio button next to Disable HP Cartridge Protection and save setting.

You may have to remove cartridge and reinstall again for printer to recognize new setting.



Ensure that you uncheck the internet connection and uncheck automatic software updates (most users will agree and check everything without reading the fine print).

To undo this delete driver and reload. Ensure that the above are not checked.

Good news for HP Officejet owners. Follow the links below to roll back firmware updates so that you can use inexpensive aftermarket or remanufactured cartridges (Firmware date Oct 12, 2016).

HP934/935 Cartridges

Rollback HP934/935 firmware for Officejet Pro 6812/6815 follow link below


Roll back HP934/935 firmware for Officejet Pro 6835 follow link below


Roll back HP934/935 firmware for Officejet Pro 6830 follow link below


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 6230 follow link below


Roll back HP934/935 firmware for Officejet Pro 6230 follow link below


HP950/951 Cartridges

Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 8610 follow link below


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 8620 follow link below


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 8630 follow link below


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 8640 follow link below


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 8660 follow link below


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 8625 follow link below


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro 8615/8616 follow link below


HP970/971 Cartridges

Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro X451


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro X551


Roll back firmware for Officejet Pro X576


HP950/951 Firmware update

HP automatic firmware upgrade! Printers using 950/951 cartridges, firmware may be upgraded automatically even without connecting to internet. Our latest 950/951 chips will unlock the latest fimware version 1547AR or 1502AR. Tested!

How to disable HP Auto Updates

To prevent automatic HP Cartridge lock-outs update, follow steps below

When HP Update pop up is displayed, select Settings

Select NEVER under Notification software update

If computer continues to update, select Cancel

How to change auto update settings on 950/951 cartridges

Open web Services

Open Settings screen

Select Printer Update

Select Printer Update and select “OFF”

Do not agree to upgrade your printer firmware/software when asked.

If you are currently using compatible ink or laser toner. Do not upgrade software and firmware!

Printer manfacturers use this screen pop ups to upgrade firmware in printers so that you will not be able to use aftermarket  cartridges.

Firmware updates will lock your printer into accepting only expensive OEM cartridges.

Update will not  improve the printer’s performance!

What is your premium bulk ink?

We carry extensive range of high quality wide format inks for Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson, Canon and HP printers.

Dye Base, Sublimation, Eco-Solvent, Pigment Ink now available for indoor and outdoor commerical applications.

How to turn on Internet Explorer Version 8, 9,10,11 to compatibility view?

To turn on Windows Internet Explorer Compatibility View Settings.

  1. Tap or click theToolsbutton , and then tap or click Compatibility View settings.
  2. UnderAdd this website, enter the URL of the site you want to add to the list, and then tap or clickAdd.

Once you turn on Compatibility View, Internet Explorer will automatically show that site in Compatibility View each time you visit. You can turn it off by removing it from your compatibility list

 For more infomation follow link below how to turn on compatibility view.


Which type of printer should buy:  Inkjet or Laser?

If you do not need colour, monochrome laser printers are a good choice – provided you use generic toner .   Generic toners have  improved . There is no difference between expensive OEM and high quality generic  toners.

If you need colour,  a multifunction all-in-one inkjet printer is the right choice.  Inkjet printers produce very good quality colour printing.  Again, generic inkjet cartridges are very affordable.   Many retailers sell inkjet printers at or below cost in order to sell the OEM cartridges at a very high profit.

Is it secure to give out credit card number and email address information on this site?

 Your credit card is processed by Moneris – Secured Online Payment or PayPal Payment System. We do not have or obtain your credit card information.

Your email address will be used for tracking your parcel and communication between seller and buyer only. We will not use your email address for marketing purposes.

Information regarding the installation of new compatible Lexmark inkjet cartridges.

Ignore prompts to update firmware! Do not update firmware/software to ensure the compatibility of compatible Lexmark cartridgesLexmark printers will reject compatible cartridges if the firmware is updated.

Will the use of compatible ink or toner cartridges void my new printer’s warranty?

Absolutely not!  Using compatible ink or toner cartridges will not void the warranty.
Canadian consumers are protected under Section 77 of  The Canadian Competition Act.  Please read the link below.


What is a compatible ink or toner cartridge?

A compatible ink or toner cartridge is a new cartridge manufactured by a third party.  It is as good as the original ink or toner cartridge.

 What is a remanufactured ink or toner cartridge?

A remanufactured cartridge is made from recycled parts. These parts have been cleaned, serviced, and repaired as necessary to extend the life of the product.  A remanufactured cartridge’s life span is shorter than that of a new compatible cartridge.  Recycle – Reuse – Reduce Waste!

Are all compatible ink or toner cartridges the same?

No, all compatible cartridges are not the same – some are better than others.  Our compatible cartridges are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards and meet OEM standards.  They are both factory and independently tested to ensure quality.  We guarantee our products.

Why are original ink or toner cartridges so expensive?

All printer manufacturers sell their printers to consumers at cost or below cost.  They make their profits by selling ink and toner to you at a huge mark up.  Printer ink is ranked one of the most expensive liquids (price per volume) in the world, second only to perfume.  Please refer to the link below:


What is the shelf-life of your compatible cartridges?

Sealed ink cartridges’ shelf life is for 2 years. The cartridge must be used within six months after installation.  Run your printer at least once a week to maintain your machine’s printheads.

Some manufacturers have put “smart chips” on their cartridges.  How can I overcome this?

Chips are now found in all Epson and some new Canon cartridges.  Our cartridges use the latest version chip to ensure compatibility.

How do I install the new compatible cartridges?

Please follow the printer manufacturer’s guidelines.  Directions are in your printer’s user manual.  Our cartridges are made to follow the same specifications as the original equipment manufacturer, so they will install in exactly the same way. Perform a nozzle cleaning procedure once the cartridge has been installed, do this even your printer is new. Repeat this process if necessary to introduce compatible ink into your printer.

I have installed the ink cartridges but when I print, the pages come out blank!

Have you removed the tear-off strip from the top of the cartridge?  If yes, remove and reseat the cartridge on the carriage and perform 2 to 3 cleaning cycles. Next, do a print test pattern.  When installing any new cartridge, you must carry out a number of cleaning cycles to allow the printer to initialize and to get the new ink to pass onto the print head.  Ensure that all cartridges in your printer are full before carrying out any test. If the nozzle test is still poor,  leave the cartridges in the printer for further 5 mins then perform a nozzle clean again.

My new compatible laser toner cartridge does not print!

Ensure that all protective paper and clear sealing tape are removed!